Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are a group of volunteers from Bristol, Cardiff, London and Oxford, all passionate about independent local shops. In our usual lives, we are students, researchers, impact investors, software developers.

I'm a business, how do I get on your list?

The simplest of steps right here: add a business!

I run a business, but don't currently sell online and don't offer gift cards. Where can I set a gift card scheme up?

Check first with your point-of-sale provider. Many offer gift card features (e.g. Square does!). If that doesn’t work, we are partnering with friends who might be able to help you very soon. We will post here as soon as it is confirmed; please email us if you need urgent help. When you do choose a gift card provider, please look out to ensure you get as much of the payment, and as quickly, as possible

There are far better ways to help businesses. Why don't you do those?

Please let us know! One idea we’re thinking of is to match expert business consultants with small businesses for free advice on making grant and other financial applications. If you’re an expert consultant and want to get involved, please feel free to get in touch. More ideas welcome!

What do you get out of this?

We are doing this for free (it is slightly fun, too!). If we succeed, we get to return to our favourite shops! If you wanted to help, we’d love for you to join us

I am a customer, can I add my favourite shop?

Please do! add a business!

I am a customer. Is there a risk that I buy a gift card, and the selling shop is no longer around when I go to redeem my card?

Yes. That is a risk: no shop and no initiative can guarantee continuity in the current crisis context. Please carefully consider whether you can afford to support shops, knowing that risk. That is totally your choice and we respect it. As for us? Well, we think there is risk, too, in not helping out: that way lies more certain failure for our favourite businesses!

Will this initiative really make a difference?

Not by itself and not to everyone! Will it still help? We think so and we sure hope so. Local businesses are telling us that each bit of cash is helping right now. We know this alone won’t be enough. The government is offering support in the UK, and specific support in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. By our estimates, those schemes can help with 50-75% of business costs. If just 40 people buy £30 vouchers, a microbusiness can cover 75% of remaining costs. Every bit will count.